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Free parking outside shop entrance, ground floor entrance, no stairs.
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Thai Massage

Massage is a way to treat and relax the body.  By using physical skills and accessories to stimulate the work of the muscles and body systems to work better.  This is a long-established type of treatment. If you suspect that  When does your body need a massage?  Take a look.  Whenever you feel that your body is not working as well as the old one, such as feeling heavy.  One part of the muscle is tightening.  Not able to move as fluently as before  Then it shows that your body needs a massage.  Let’s see how  “How are each type of massage different?  And what is the benefit? “

Thai massage or Thai massage is a kind of massage in the Thai style.  It uses various parts of the body such as hands, feet, arms, elbows, knees and feet to massage.  It focuses on pressing, rolling, squeezing, bending, pulling and compressing, which is commonly known as  “Traditional massage” is the use of therapeutic and therapeutic sciences of Thai traditional medicine. Thai massage can also be a therapeutic massage.  To treat various symptoms as well.


Benefits of Thai Massage

 Helps the blood flow smoothly.  So that the blood can carry oxygen  To feed various parts of the body thoroughly Driving waste, whether it is the lymphatic.  So that there is no waste accumulation in the body.  Better health  Relieve pain symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, hip pain, numbness due to poor blood flow, etc.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage or aroma oil massage  It is a massage with essential oils.  Made up of various plants and herbs  Beneficial to the body and health  By this massage does not focus on weight.  But focus on relaxation and relaxation, reduce fatigue and muscle stiffness mainly by oil  It is very popular for women.  Due to oil  Also provides moisture  Better skin as well

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage  (Aromatherapy Massage)

 Helps to relax and reduce stress as the scent of the oil helps to adjust the nervous system and adjust the mood to feel comfortable and calm
 The oil helps to add moisture.  Makes the skin look full and bright.
 Some oils can kill bacteria.  Some help solve skin allergies.  Helps tighten the skin.

Deep Tissue Massage Thai Massage, Reflexology Massage (Deep Tissue Massage)

 Massage Deep Tissue Massage (Deep Tissue Massage) or that many people may call it.  Deep Tissue Massage / Reflexology  Is a massage similar to  With Swedish massage  But the rhythm of the massage will focus on the pressure and weight more.  To go down to our deep muscles  This type of massage is suitable for people who have been using their muscles all the time, such as athletes or people who suffer from sports or exercise.

Benefits of Massage, Reflexology (Deep Tissue Massage)

 Helps to relieve muscle cramps, break down fibrosis that causes disruption of blood flow and cause inflammation, muscle pain.
 Massage that corrects the area that is causing pain.  Which helps normalize the movement of the body
 Increase joint / muscle flexibility, balance the body.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a very famous spa massage from the European side.  It is considered a very basic massage (Classic Massage) for the westerners ever!  The main massage techniques include long strokes, squeezing, tapping, and tapping the weights used in the massage.  But not using a lot of pressure in the massage  It focuses on relaxing the upper muscles and reducing pain in the muscles.
This type of massage is suitable for people who do not like heavy massage.  Or severe body bending  And suitable for people who work in the same position repeatedly, such as standing, sitting, or work that requires walking around all day.  Including those with office syndrome (Office syndrome) as well

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Stimulate the elimination of waste from the body Adjust the circulatory system of the body.  Which is the main factor in waste driving Relieve pain from different parts of the body as well as relieve the symptoms of office syndrome.

Thai Foot Massage

Foot massage is an art used by the Chinese and Indians to diagnose and treat diseases since 3,000 BC.  Which is likely to occur with acupressure points  Later this knowledge spread throughout America, Europe, etc.  Foot massage is a massage on different parts of the foot to prevent and treat disease.  Foot massage can massage many parts.  To stimulate different organs, including foot massage  The back of the feet, inside and outside, etc.

The benefits of foot massage

Help promote health  By stimulating blood circulation, lymph and immune system
Helps prevent diseases such as constipation, measles, headache, etc., and helps detoxify and eliminate waste.
It helps to balance the work of the whole body.
It has a positive effect on mental health, reducing stress and causing deep relaxation.

Combine the benefits of a facial massage.

For many of you may think that the facial massage  It only helps the beauty and skin.  Or not having much effect on health

Today, Thida Beauty Spa is here to collect 8 benefits of facial massage.  Many of its benefits are achieved through education and scientific research. Called  It is an interesting bit of knowledge.  Let’s go see it.

Facial Massage

No. 1: Helps to lift and tighten the skin.  Reduce wrinkles Of course, it is one of the main benefits of a facial massage.  Is to help restore and improve the overall skin condition Which is based on a 2017 study examining the effectiveness of facial massage  This includes use with the device to stimulate the face. By those who participated in the test  Will use a stimulating massage device and apply the cream on the face.  Including neck for 8 weeks In which the test results are  The results of the cream will be even more powerful.  Wrinkles and sagging are reduced.  Including the smoothness of the skin is better as well


Tip 2: It contributes to sinus symptoms.

As long as it is not infectious or in the acute phase of sinusitis.  You can use a massage.  To relieve sinus symptoms  Able to relieve symptoms Sinus massage may stimulate mucus drainage.  Relieve headaches and improve blood flow.  More in-depth scientific studies are needed to confirm and amplify the effects of sinus massage.
No. 3: Helps reduce acne breakouts.
 Stimulating the skin with massage may help promote blood circulation and reduce acne breakouts.  There is very little research showing evidence that facial massage can cause acne problems.
 The main principle is  Do not massage too hard.  Avoid getting a massage  Or harsh acupressure or exfoliation, especially on sensitive areas.
No. 4: Contribute to TMJ facial joint conditions
 People with TMJ may experience discomfort in the jaw or face.  This can include headache, ear or jaw pain.
 According to a study by the Cleveland Clinic, trigger point massage may help relieve stiff, inflamed, or painful jaw muscles.  This discomfort can be caused by chewing, jaw gnashing, or tooth grinding.
 Massage to relieve TMJ symptoms may be especially effective when combined with jaw exercises.
 No. 5: add brightness  Shine your skin
 Facial massage is another great way to keep your skin glowing, research in 2002 found that 59 percent of women who massaged their face reported feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
 About 54 percent reported softer skin, while 50 percent felt the firmness of the skin.  There is a lot of evidence to suggest that stimulating the facial muscles can help tighten skin, loosen tight muscles, and improve circulation.
 Point 6: Help the circulatory system
 The use of a facial roller has a positive effect on the blood flow to the skin, which may improve the appearance of the skin.
 A 2018 study found that people who massaged their face with a roller for five minutes had blood flow to that area for at least 10 minutes after the massage.  And after 5 weeks of massage, the blood flow response to heat improved significantly.
 Facial Massage Male
 No. 7: Facial rejuvenation
 Facial massages can help relieve tension.  Along with adding relaxation and restoring skin health
 Research in 2018 has pointed to the effectiveness of a facial massager in stimulating facial skin rejuvenation.  The facial massage device was tested to study the tightening of the facial muscles.  It was applied to women for 30 seconds twice a day for 8 weeks, which results in  The face is noticeably firmer.
 Point 8: Scar relief
 If you have scars on your face that are currently being treated.  Massage can be very helpful.  Massaging the scar tissue and the surrounding area may improve blood flow, loosen nearby tissues and flatten the wound.
 Facial massage may help relieve symptoms such as pain, itching.Researchers in 2014 found that massage therapy was effective in reducing pain and itching while improving burn scars.

What are the benefits of exfoliation?

             Exfoliation is one of the secret to beautiful skin care that helps keep the skin beautiful and white as we want.  There are also many exfoliating products, including natural herbal formulas that we can make by ourselves.  But do exfoliation have benefits or are there any side effects?  Let’s find out from this article.
 What is exfoliation?
             Exfoliating or scrubbing  This removes the dead skin cells.  Including the dirt that is deep beneath the skin cells  And exfoliation also stimulates blood circulation.  Helps your skin to be beautiful and radiant naturally.  Reduce the problem of clogged acne causing unwanted inflammation and wrinkles.
  The benefits of exfoliation
             In general, our skin will exfoliate itself within 2-4 weeks, and as we age, the exfoliation begins to slow down.  Makes the problem of aging and dull wrinkles clearer.  Exfoliation therefore makes the dead skin cells fall off, helping the skin look radiant.  And also has many benefits for skin such as
             1. Exfoliating your face 1-2 times a week by gently circular motions will make the skin cells gradually.  Falling off, fading wrinkles and revealing fresh, radiant skin.
             2. After exfoliation, when nourished with moisturizer.  It will add moisture to the skin.  Reduce acne problems  Helps keep the skin color smooth and even.
             3.Skin exfoliation helps to solve the problem of stretch marks or orange peels of mothers after delivery by regular exfoliation, it can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and make the skin look smoother.
             4. Exfoliation helps prevent acne.  Makes pores clean  Scrub the dirt embedded in the skin layers effectively reduce acne breakouts.
             5. Exfoliation reduces the oil on the face.  It tightens pores, reduces clogging, and also helps reduce acne marks as well.
             For cautions in exfoliation  In order not to disturb the skin too much, scrub your face and body 1-2 times a week is enough.  By exfoliating each time, you should choose a body scrub or a scrub that contains natural extracts.  To make our skin beautiful and clear without any side effects
Hot stone massage
 Volcanic Hot Stone Massage Treatment  Rich in minerals  Cut  To achieve the right weight and shape for each muscle part  Able to store heat up to 50-53 degrees Celsius, allowing heat to seep down, effectively treating deep muscle layers.  Help relax tight muscles from stress and misuse (Office Syndrome) stimulate the performance of various circulatory systems including blood, lymphatic and energy systems in the body.  Accelerate the elimination of toxic residues  After the massage therapy, you will feel light and comfortable from the first treatment.  Continuous service also helps to brighten your skin.  It is a holistic treatment that includes healthy skin and mind.

 Benefits of hot stone massage

 Reduce muscle pain, help restore and loosen the muscles.
 Improves the circulation of the blood and lymph systems in the body.  Make your skin bright
 Increase efficiency in detoxification in the body  Regular massage will help improve the digestive system.  The body is clean from the inside out.
 Stimulate the immune system  Helps reduce allergy symptoms.
 Reduce muscle aches before having a menstrual cycle.
 Suitable for people who feel deep numbness in the muscles.  Cold hands and feet  Like the elderly  Or those who are exposed to a lot of cold  For a long time in a row  Helps improve blood circulation
“Sauna” is the temperature around 65-90 degrees Celsius, with many sources of heat.  Both the burning of the logs  Use electric heating  Including the use of infrared rays  By taking a sauna to make the body sweat a lot.  It usually only takes about 15-20 minutes per session.  Because if too long can be dangerous
What are the benefits of a sauna?

 Help relieve stress  This could be the main reason why people go to the sauna that has it all.  Because when the body temperature rises  The blood vessels will expand, allowing more blood to supply to other parts of the body.  Thus making you feel refreshed and relieved from stress
 Muscle recovery after work  After fatigue from work or exercise  Going to the sauna is a great recovery.  Because when the circulatory system works, it will help the muscles and joints to be restored as well.
 Good for people with heart disease  This is because the blood vessels that dilate while in the sauna cause the heart to use more force to pump blood.  Therefore it seems like exercising the heart muscle as well  Studies have shown that those who visit the sauna regularly have a lower risk of dying from heart disease.
 Reduce the risk of stroke  From a sample study in Finland  It found that people who regularly go to the sauna have a lower risk of stroke compared to those who go to the sauna for a while.
 In addition, many people may have heard that saunas can help you lose weight.  Maybe because there is a lot of sweat that comes out while baking.  So I thought that a sauna could help you lose weight.  But in reality, this is not the case.  This is because the weight lost after a sauna is the weight of body water that is excreted in the form of sweat.  When drinking water after the sauna is finished  The weight will be back to the same, so the sauna has almost no effect on weight loss.  By burning energy while sauna is at a level similar to that of just sitting.
Researchers from the University of Bristol of England.  It was reported in the journal Neurology.  That after assessing the link between saunas and stroke  The current stroke (stroke) of 1,600 people aged 53-74 living in eastern Finland, who followed up to 15 years of living habits, found that people who spent 4-7 days in the sauna  week  Will have a 61% lower risk of having a stroke.  Than people who go to use the sauna once a week  As for people who go to the sauna 2-3 days a week  “There will be a 14% lower risk of stroke,” compared to those who use the sauna once a week.

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